Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Brain skills

a) Where we learn new words from?
b) What we can do to help understand what the words mean?

a)                                                                                  b)
- Other people                                                              - Search it up ( Dictionary ,Internet)
- Dictionary                                                                  - Ask (Adults,Peers,Others)
-Movies                                                                        - see how it will fit in a sentence ( My wedding                                                                                         was a catastrophe said Wiki ( Catastrophe                                                                                                  means disaster and disaster means a mess
-Auto Correction

To create a hypothesis we must predict the possible outcomes of an experiment

Buying a lotto ticket has potential for financial gain

The inquiry process requires us to follow a specific sequence in our research

We have similar perspectives about the issues in our community

Understanding consequences in your actions is likely to affect your behavior


Predict- To come up with a guess ( To say or to estimate a result of something)

Potential-    Something that could become more (having or showing the capacity to develop into something more)

Specific- An exact amount ( Clearly defined or identified)

Similar- Almost exactly alike (having a resemblance in actions, features, character without being identical)

Consequences- The after affect of your actions (A result or affect of an action)


Influence:  Impact

Investigate:  Explore

Justify:  Rationalize

Summary:  Synopsis

Interaction:  Commerce

-Zachariah was a great influence on his granddaughter Natheia
- For class we had to investigate and research for our inquiry process.
- The defendants lawyer couldn't justify his actions properly.
- The summary of a book is what always hooks me into a book.
- Interaction between students is a vital thing for teachers.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Questions for Pay it Forward

                                                              Pay it forward

Jerry faced many challenges during the film, He was homeless, then a drug addict and then homeless again. He never really had anyone who was there for him and we he did he lost them due to the bad decisions he made. His life was a roller coaster of emotions and choices, he was always going up and then speeding down. His life was clearly shown during the scene, the only glimpse of a might be true happiness was when he found a women ready o commit suicide. Jerry truly faced a challenging life.


Mr Simonet and Trevor had one of the most important friendships in the film, them getting to know each other as well as being their for each other was was really made the movie what it is. Mr Simonet was the one to see how special Trevor was and Trevor was the one to see how lonely Mr Simonet truly was. Their friendship later grew on in the movie and Mr Simonet was the one to support Trevor's mother as she grieved Trevor's death. Their friendship is what made the movie so real


Body Language:
A type of nonverbal communication meaning the performer will only use their body to express, what they want to say without using actual words, it uses facial expressions, gestures and postures to covey what they want to say.

Camera work and Film techniques:
The different forms and techniques as well as how the camera is used in films to make the movie more realistic and captivating as well as having more meaning.

A conversation between two or more people as seen in a book, play or film.

Assembling shots into correct sequences as well as

Lighting: The use of various light sources bot natural and artificial  to achieve captivating effects to illuminate the scene in a film

Music: Sound especially written to accompany a film in the back ground or during a film

Voice Over: A spoken piece for films

Special effects: Techniques that make films more realistic and believable

Structure: All parts of a story line- plot, setting, characters ect